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Flickr as Toddler Distractor

This morning, I accidently stumbled on perhaps the most brilliant use of Flickr and Flickr Tags ever. I had a call to do from home this morning which required I simultaneously juggle El Duder and maintain and explain a map of the new IP routes for our office relocation. Dilemma: how to occupy a toddler while juggling half a dozen subnets in my head. Since the dude is all about trucks, busses and trains these days, I went to the computer, fired up Firefox, went to Flickr and searched for all pictures tagged as “bus” and hit “show slideshow.” The distraction-effect was amazing. Jay totally ate it up so we moved on to “dumptruck.”

We don’t do any TV with the dude but we do have an old laptop setup in the Living Room to display photos while streaming audio to the stereo cabinet. Now all I need is a tag-specific Flickr screen saver for OSX and we can have hours of visual stimulation for the dude. I think I could definitely rig the TiVo to do this pretty easily but plopping the dude down in front of the tele isn’t really high on our list.

Anyway, parents: let me know if you come across any other tags that are toddler-specific.

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