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I’ve been using Launchbar since I can’t even remember when. Mostly because I’m a BASH command line junky and I expect TAB auto–completion everywhere I do my work. In BASH, I pretty much expect the tab key to read my mind and know what I want to do and Launchbar brings that same thing to the OS X desktop. It seems to me that all I have to do is think about bringing up Firefox and it just appears. I’ve really made using Launchbar second nature. Bouncing from to emacs to a browser when coding almost seems like it happens automatically.

While Launchbar has been working fine for me as an application launcher, it never occurred to me that i could keyboard-shortcut and auto-complete my way through appending text to documents and do other geeky things to shave micro seconds off my actions. Well, 43 Folders has me seriously thinking about giving Quicksilver a try. It seems like all the things that I currently do to aggregate my Mail, Tasks and other messaging-like content through really bad applescript can be done using Quicksilver.

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