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This year’s Jack O’Lantern (2010 eyeball pumpkin)

another look...

look into the eyeball

look into the eyeball

Hope you enjoy….

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A Dog for Camping

If you’re making me go camping, Dad, and you don’t want me bored
I’ll need to get a dog whose tail is an extension cord.
I’ll rub its shaggy fur to build up electricity,
and then its tail will be a place to plug in my TV.

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Tree Parade

It’s such a scorching, sunny day…
so hot that it’s too hot to play.
Oh, Sun, forgive me when I say,
Today I wish you’d go away!

I’d really love to find some shade.
I’d love to find a tree parade
with lemon trees and lemonade
and trees with their best leaves displayed.

I know I could keep up the pace…
I’d even win in a tree race!
A tree parade marches in place
while offering a shade embrace.

Maybe I’d see a bear mermaid,
or three snakes joined into a braid.
All kinds of things might be portrayed
within the shady masquerade!

There’s no parade, to my dismay.
A steak could cook on my walkway!
Oh, Sun, forgive me when I say,
I’ve had too much of you today!

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My Great Stairway

I’m building a stairway in my mind
from every stair I’ve ever climbed.
Today I only added four
but I once climbed to a thirty-first floor,
and every day I add some more!
With all these stairs that I acquire
my stairway keeps growing higher…
It spirals where it isn’t straight.
Where it’s not plain it is ornate.
Oh! My stairway is growing GREAT!!
If I could pull it from my mind
I’d leave the ground and world behind.
I’d peek in through airplane windows
with birds resting on my nose.
I would go where no one goes…
I would climb among the stars.
I’d climb my great stairway to Mars!

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Caramel Shoes

I made my shoes from caramel.
I thought they’d make my feet not smell
like feet.
But, phew, that sweet and sweaty smell
of sticky feet in caramel
is utterly disgusting and, whoa, it’s not discrete!
My one-time favorite caramel
is candy now I hate to smell…
Oh, tragedy! It’s candy that I never want to eat!
(But now my mouth begins to water when I smell my feet…)

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